Gwen Betts - Visual & UX Designer, Front-end Developer

I'm a results-driven, user-centric
designer that sees the holistic picture.

I execute on the details to make that picture come to life.

From agency to startup, I've held design and creative management positions where my work directly contributed to revenue and company growth. I am spirited about building brands and making them successful through the lens of experience design, via product, marketing, or services.

Design Philosophy

Everywhere a person engages with your brand -- including product, marketing,
or elsewhere -- should be cohesive, compelling, and helpful to their needs.

User Centric

User Centric

Context Driven

Context Driven

Connected Across Brand

Connected Across Brand


Design Process: Define, Design, Build, Measure


Define/Refine problem, brainstorm solutions, conduct research, set goals


Construct IA, determine user flows, create wireframes, design visuals


Code the visuals, construct interactive prototypes


Compile quantitative and qualitative metrics, compare with goals, learn

Skills & Expertise

Visual/UX Design

UX & Visual Design

Dedicated to blending IA, UX, and visual design into a cohesive and memorable experience.

Tools: Adobe CC, Sketch, InvisionApp

Front-end Development

Front-end Development

Utilizing RWD techniques to build web experiences, and rapidly prototype interactive concepts.

Tools: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Foundation

Digital Strategy

Marketing & Brand Strategy

Conversion-focused via personas, demand gen, content, and design for successful marketing programs.

Tools: HubSpot, Marketo
Focus: B2B, B2C

Web Metrics

Data & Metrics

Improvement-driven via data on traffic, user usage, campaigns, usability testing, and A/B testing.

Tools: Google Analytics, Individual App Reporting

Project Management

Project Management

Agency experienced in writing proposals, managing teams, scheduling projects, and developing processes.

Methodologies: Agile, Lean

Customer Service

Customer Service

3 years experience as Lead Support Specialist for web apps and client software onboarding.

Web Apps: Accrisoft Freedom CMS, ShopSite, MailChimp

Selected Work

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More About Gwen

I began my journey in tech as a 12 year old girl interested in crafting pretty pixels and translating them with code to the web. By 15, I was making websites for local organizations in the Toledo, Ohio region. I spent college years doing anything just to learn more. Fast forward into the future, and I'm still doing what I love. As an avid "DIYer", I consider creating my lifeblood... It's an extension of who I am. This has come in handy not just in design, but in every walk of life. I'm a curious adventurer, and can be found wandering the beautiful city of Boston with my camera out and a smile so wide.

As a Midwestern transplant, I found Boston while attending HubSpot's Inbound conference. I fell in love with the city instantly... Boston was where the magic happened! The thriving tech scene was exciting, and I knew there was opportunity to truly make a difference. I love helping people grow, and this city allows me to do so, whether through business or mentoring. I'm a believer in humility, compassion, and perserverence. Finally, I believe we are only as great as the team around us, so it's important to surround ourselves with people who want to do spectacular things.

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